The WE HEAL PROJECT[S] is a movement inspired by the outcry of our nation during a time of unprecedented crisis with the outbreak of Covid-19, social inequality, political unrest, and devastating climate change. 


Through tough and dark times there is always a creation of something new.  Our talented thought leaders and artists Pont Lambros + Boris Burdikin have conceptualized a transformative experience rooted in art and creativity to play a big part in starting the nations healing process. 

Inspired by the iconic logo that Milton Glaser created back in 1976 to help New York regain their faith, Ponti Lambros has created a new iconic logo called the "HEALING HEART"  to symbolize love , unity and healing for 2020 and beyond. 


Ponti Lambros is the founder of Art Rebel. For over 12 years his art studio has provided a creative outlet for the LA community at large. 


His love for the arts was inspired by his grandmother at the age of 4 and has continued to this day.


A vast collection of Lambro's work can be seen on the Lee Daniels hit series " Empire" .  His art collectors include many celebrity actors, sports figures and social  influencers. 

He created the Healing Heart as an expression of hope a call for unity—two critical components on the road to healing himself and his city.

As a co-founder of the WE HEAL PROJECT[S] his focus is to raise global awareness of the healing qualities of arts and creativity in today's challenging times.


Boris Burdikin is an established Creative Director of NYC pedigree and currently based in Los Angeles.

For 20+ years Boris has been instrumental in making his design mark on fashion, sport and lifestyle brands.

From developing a signature collection for basketball legend Kobe Bryant to his tenure as Design Director for P.Diddy , Boris has always maintained a high level of vision and execution.

Boris' creative output at Adidas, New Era Cap, Alpha Industries and Barney's New York represent a cross section of brands that he has left his creative fingerprint on.

His involvement  as a co-founder of the WE HEAL PROJECT[S] speaks to Boris' ethos for creating with love, passion, and purpose.


The  "HEALING HEART" is a symbol for a moment in time that has challenged our entire global community. It is the anchor for all of our art and messaging.

WE HEAL PROJECT[S] will donate a percentage of proceeds from our art and merchandise sales to provide funding for mental health organizations and provide a creative structure to local arts and social engagement activities.

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